Small Buildings

During the Second World War the small basic huts were built and used by the Irish Defence Forces to keep a lookout and protect Irish Neutrality. There is a 4 foot wall surrounding the building shown above. Why there is a wall around the area of this building is unclear unless the area was used by the occupants as a garden and was built simply to keep the animals out

Small Living Quarters

Weather Gathering Area


The small building at the bottom of the tower in the lower field with no roof on is believed to be used for the weather gathering instruments and in later years an animal shelter / keep and helped to protect the animals in severe weather.

A wall surrounds the area of the living quarters

One of the 2 small buildings has a 4 foot (1.2m) wall surround the area where it stands. On the west part of the wall there is an opening where a gate opening that would have been the access into and out of the area. In the picture above you can clearly see the water catching box on the right side of the hut. There was no water supply and the personnel used rain water for all there washing and cooking needs. No shortage of rain water at Malin Head.


Malin Head