Malin Head

Workmen Pose for Photograph

On the roof of the semaphore building you can see 8 workmen who posed for the photograph that was taken in January 1902. Judging by the suns shadow that can be clearly seen it would have been morning time.

Time for a quick photo

Working from left to right

1. Carpenter has a block plain in his right hand. Typical carpenter apron pockets in apron.
2. Builder has a trowel in his left hand.
3. Workman has a large wrench in his hands.
4. Carpenter has a saw in his right hand. His left hand has some wood in it and same type apron as the other carpenter.
5. Got to be the man in charge as he has his hands in his pockets. Well dressed with suit, shirt and tie.
6. Man in what looks like a sailor uniform possible a semaphore operator.
7. Man with a cap on and long boots. Possibility he was the horse and cart driver.
8. Navel man with telescope in his hands. Possible radio operator.

Access to the station for personnel was made along the beach by foot from the staff accommodation about one and a quarter miles east of Malin Head. A telegraph line operated by Lloyd’s connected to the nearest post office at Ballygorman three miles away.