Malin Head

Signalman and Telegrapher Census search.

Census 31st March 1901

Ardmalin  Malin Head 31st March 1901

·         Albert Cox. Age 24. Was from the U.S. and a Telegraphist at Malin head and was boarding at the farmers house of Doherty Owen. (Ardmalin)

·         John O’ Reilly. Age 31. Signalman and Telegrapher

·         Patrick Doherty. Age 18. Signalman (Son of Robert Doherty. Farmer) (Ardmalin)

ArdMalin Coastguard 31st March 1901

·         Robert Webber. Age 43. Station Officer Coastguard (Ardmalin)

·         Richard Edwards. Age 42. Coastguard (Ardmalin)

·         Harry Collins. Age 31. Boatman HM Coastguard (Ardmalin)

·         William Lines. Age 33. Commission Boatman HM Coastguard (Ardmalin)

·         Jeremiah Hennessey. Age 40. Commission Boatman HM Coastguard (Ardmalin)

·         James Cross. Age 30. Coastguard (Ardmalin)

Inishtrahull Island 31st March 1901

·         John O’Reilly. Age 31. Signalman and Telegraphist (Inishtrahull)



 Census 2nd April 1911

Ardmalin  Malin Head 2nd April 1911

·         Robert Colvin. Age 27. Wireless Operator. Lodging at one of the local farms.


Coastguard Ardmalin  Malin Head 2nd April 1911

·         William B Elms. Age 54. Chief Petty Officer Coast Guard. (Malin More)

·         William Henry Shaw. Age 43. Petty Officer Coast Guard. (Malin More)

·         Robert Dixon. Age  36. Leading Boatman HMS Coast Guard (Malin More)

·         Fredrick Gilbert Richard. Age 35 Boatman HMS Coast Guard (Malin More


Inishtrahull  2nd April 1911

·         George Suliman. Age 36. Lloyds Signalman & Officer in charge.

·         John Gabriel Donovan Age 26. Lloyds Signalman and Telegrapher

·         George Stanley Griffiths . Age 16. Lloyds Signalman and Telegrapher. Was boarding at the John Gabriel Donovan’s house.